Our client is taking part in a 100-day facial trial where she is receiving a 55-minute facial every month at the spa and using a range of Eve Taylor aromatherapy skincare products at home.  Here is her first blog from month 1:


I am very excited about this trial. It feels like a real treat – something to look forward to throughout the winter months – and it’s always a nice idea to think that something might make you feel or look better. Whatever happens it will be some time for me

19th December

First facial. What a lot of stuff I have! A bigger collection of miniature potions (that all match) than I have ever owned before. I am slightly daunted by whether I will find time to apply them all and whether I will remember which order I am supposed to put them on in. Serum?! I have never understood what that is for – maybe I will find out. It does feel a brilliant collection to have though, a bit like getting a new pencil case at school with loads of great pens in.

26th December

Well it’s Christmas so I am not sure that I am looking after myself as well as I might typically be but I do think my skin looks plumper. Hydrated might be the proper word – my skin is definitely more hydrated than I am! Also I can confirm that it is possible to find the time to do this. I have got quite a swing going on in the morning apply a layer of product between each layer of clothes.

2nd January

Still in the festive season. I can’t say as I am noticing any change to fine lines but my skin looks well. Also I am fascinated by the Micro-fine Daily Exfoliant with fruit enzymes and botanical extracts. I can’t quite believe that a completely smooth powder exfoliates – but it does. I am having to psychologically detach from the desire to rigorously rub grit on my face but this is definitely doing the job.

9th January

I am paying more attention to my neck than I think I ever have before. Stroking it upward twice a day feels like it’s doing something. I still have some congestion at the side of my eyes but I am starting to think that this might be because I wear hand cream at night and touch my face a lot. I am going to try stopping that and seeing if it makes a difference. Generally this process is meaning I am thinking a lot more about my skin and paying attention to it.

16th January

The thing I am enjoying most about this ‘project’ is that I am winning at it! Amongst all the new year ideas that  I am epic failing at – eat better – FAIL, exercise more – FAIL, drink less – FAIL this is something I am doing for me that I am sticking too and enjoying doing so.

23rd January – Second facial

Last night I was thinking that my pores are looking more refined. Less noticeable high up on my cheeks where they used to be visible.  I can hardly see any on one side. Also the thing that is definitely true is that my skin colour is better. Sometimes when I’m rundown I feel a bit gaunt and it might just be from all the rubbing and stroking but I have much more natural colour in my face. I am very pleased about that.


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