Our client is taking part in a 100-day facial trial where she is receiving a 55-minute facial every month at the spa and using a range of Eve Taylor aromatherapy skincare products at home.  Here is her second blog from month 2 of the trial:

30th January

At my facial I got lots of compliments on my skin which was great and I have been upgraded to some full size products so feeling like a good student. The larger dispensers are better for home and the travel size very compact so best of both worlds. Also the congestion beside my eyes is definitely clearing up so the new regime is helping.

6th February

Well having been very pleased with myself last week I have promptly fallen off the wagon! A couple (maybe a few) times this week I have missed out a product or used an alternative that was closer to hand. Interestingly my skin looks noticeably worse. While I wouldn’t have said before that the products were making a difference to fine lines, in the lapse I did notice fine lines (and pores and dryness) more, so something about the better hydration does really make a difference.

14th February – Third facial

I have been thinking over the last week about cost in relation to buying products from a spa but also ingredients. I prefer to use products that are more environmentally sound and don’t include things like parabens. These tend to be a bit more expensive. I had assumed because of the modest cost that Eve Taylor didn’t comply with this – but it does. The range doesn’t include phthalates or petrochemicals. To get this on a spa product at this price is really good value.