Our client is taking part in a 100-day facial trial where she is receiving a 55-minute facial every month at the spa and using a range of Eve Taylor aromatherapy skincare products at home. Here is her final blog from month 3 of the trial:

14th February – Third facial

I have been thinking over the last week about cost in relation to buying products from a spa but also ingredients. I prefer to use products that are more environmentally sound and don’t include things like parabens. These tend to be a bit more expensive. I had assumed because of the modest cost that Eve Taylor didn’t comply with this – but it does. The range doesn’t include phthalates or petrochemicals. To get this on a spa product at this price is really good value.

21st February

Well at the last facial I had an eye treatment – what a revelation! I always thought those bolt-ons couldn’t make a difference and were money for old rope but it is one of the best appearance pick me ups I have ever had. Definitely made a visible difference. Would certainly do again.

28th February

Another thing that was good about the last facial was that because my skin is so much better hydrated now we started to have a chat about other things we could work on and some of my products were changed. It had the sense of a continuing conversation towards a goal like when you go to the hairdressers and you are both working towards a style that you want – growing and then shaping each time.

7th March

Bought myself a new hairbrush. Realised I’ve had mine since about 1998 and it was ragged so decided I’m worth it, much better.

14th March

My skin is really noticeably better now. That switch of facial mask at the last session has made a new difference building on the previous improvement. It was like my skin got better after the first facial because of being more hydrated and then the results plateaued and now with this it’s taken another leap. Very happy.

21st March

Coming to the end now and so starting to think about whether I would carry this on. I’ve been quite privileged on this trial that everything has been provided for me and my ‘do it properly’ nature has meant I’ve stuck to the routine. I think I will mostly.  I’m sure I’ll use other products as I pick them up for convenience elsewhere or have old ones to use up at home and I probably won’t manage facials this regularly but I will keep up the basics, stay with the serum (and probably the facial oil and maybe eventually the purifying mask) and treat myself to a facial when I can. It’s also a nice gift idea.

28th March

100 days. The finish line. We have taken some photos along the journey. I am not sure they do it justice. I have seen improvements to the way my skin looks and feels but more than that the experience has been fun and a good discipline of thinking about myself a bit more. Thanks to all at the gorgeous Alexandra House spa. Next stop – getting fitter!