Holly joined us in October 2013 as a young 17-year old apprentice. She has recently been promoted to Senior Therapist, which is a wonderful achievement and reflects Holly’s hard work and commitment over the last 5 and a half years.

Holly has flourished in her role at the Spa, listening and learning and striving to do the best treatments possible. Her skills have developed over the years, progressing from basic massage moves to advanced massage techniques and specialised therapies such as manual lymphatic drainage. One of Holly’s greatest qualities is that she never wants to stop learning and growing as a therapist and has recently qualified as a Reiki therapist (which she excels at) and is now training in reflexology.

Holly has been instrumental in identifying and setting high standards for the Spa Host role – a key role in the Spa. Holly now heads the Spa Host team and, leading by example, she provides training and guidance to the Spa Hosts, ensuring that standards are maintained and a high quality customer service is offered throughout the Spa. Holly is also brilliant with social media and leads many of our Facebook and Instagram posts.

Holly has a lovely personality – funny and jolly yet caring and thoughtful. She really cares about our clients and wants to make sure that each client has the best experience possible. She is a great asset and is an excellent role model for other staff.

Holly says: “I really feel that I’ve grown up whilst working at Alexandra House. I started as an apprentice aged 17 and I am now 23 and lead the Spa Host team and am a Senior Therapist. I am really proud of my achievements. I love my job. The people who I work with and our clients are all really nice.  My confidence has grown massively. I have also learnt about the importance of looking after my own well-being which helps both me and my clients as I have more physical and emotional strength”.

We’re looking forward to the next 5 years seeing Holly develop into an even more experienced and specialist therapist and looking after more and more clients at the Spa. Thank you Holly.