Somehow we are entering our 9th week of lockdown and I feel like I’m in a bit of a time capsule! I’ve gone through many emotions, as I know many others have too. Sometimes I wish I could crawl into a cupboard and emerge in 6 months’ time after everything has settled down. But alas, I can’t and so it’s a case of finding coping strategies to deal with the unprecedented times we find ourselves living in.

So, here are some of my coping strategies:

  • Reframing the lockdown situation – I’ve realised that I’ll probably never have an opportunity like this where I’m at home alone, not working, without the usual pressures of running a business and managing staff, without the time pressures of daily life and with a lot of time on my hands. So I have reframed the time to be a retreat for my mind and body. I still have to plan for our reopening and keep in touch with staff etc but I have lots of time to be quiet, to read, to meditate, to walk every day in the local countryside, to do yoga, to be more mindful about the beauty of nature and the changing colours and spring flowers. So rather than feeling a victim of the situation, I’m trying to see it as a positive and unique time to go within and nurture myself.
  • Accepting that I can’t be in control of everything and trying to go with the flow more.
  • Writing a journal at the end of every day and finishing with 5 things that I’m grateful for each day – it’s a really positive way to end each day.
  • Speaking to my friends and close family regularly – I’d have never thought that I’d be watching a funny film once a week with 3 of my closest friends and having a video call midway and after the film to review it. And once a week we have what I call a disco, but which is actually 4 songs that we listen to and dance to on a video call. We choose a fast dancing song, a slower dancing song, a sway song where we sit together and sway and a relaxing song where we lie down – all followed by a group chat. We take it in turn to choose the songs and there’s some classics that have come out of the cupboard!
  • Avoiding the news and trying to learn the actual facts rather than the selected information the media choose to tell us about.

I realise that everyone’s experience of lockdown is different depending on your personal circumstances – many people are working from home, home-schooling children, missing out on summer holidays, having to postpone weddings, not being able to travel before university starts and lots of other situations. But these are some of my coping strategies and hopefully they might inspire you to look at the situation in a different light.

Stay safe everyone and we look forward to welcoming you to the Spa again soon…..