So just over 2 weeks ago my world was turned upside down, together with everyone else’s! We were forced to temporarily close the Spa and then told not to see people and to adhere to social distancing rules. It’s felt like 2 months let alone 2 weeks but I wanted to share with you how life has been in those weeks and what I’ve been doing to try and cope with the situation.

I live on my own and so it could have been a lonely 2 weeks, but I’ve been able to see my friends and the spa girls through video-conferencing and that has been a life-saver! We’ve also set up WhatsApp groups to share funny videos and photos and to support each other through the ups and downs that we all seem to be experiencing. It’s reassuring to know that you’re not the only person being fine one minute then having a wobble the next!

I’ve tried to keep away from the news, other than to see the daily headlines for anything major that I need to know.

The weather has been kind so far and I’ve been walking for an hour every day and enjoying the lovely country walks nearby. And I have been meditating a lot! That’s really helped me to stay grounded and keep things in perspective and to stay positive. I’ve got involved in several international meditations, reiki healing sessions and healing intention sessions which has felt good to be part of. I’m trying to keep the energy positive and optimistic as I know we will get through this together (as the Queen gracefully put it last night).

I’ve had lots of messages from our lovely clients and I’ve been calling some older clients who live alone, just to make sure they are OK and have everything they need. It’s nice to know we’re all thinking about each other.

I do hope that the sense of community spirit continues beyond this crisis. And I look forward to seeing everyone’s lovely faces again!

Stay safe and look after yourselves, Maxine xx