Sometimes life presents us with really difficult situations – the loss of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship, the loss of a job or an illness (yours or a friend/family member). In such challenging times, it’s really important to look after yourself to protect your mental, emotional and physical health. You can feel as if everyone else in the world around you is happy and problem-free, but the reality is that many people are coping with challenging situations. Focus on your own situation and take one day at a time as you put things in place to help you cope and move forward.

The Spa’s nurturing environment, quiet soothing treatments and caring staff provide the ideal place to help you quieten your mind, contemplate your life, soothe your soul and bring some calm during the chaos. You can choose a relaxing aromatherapy facial or massage, some healing reiki or a calming hour in our Thermal Rooms to help you on your journey forward in life.

I also find that meditation helps me to stay centred and grounded and allows me to tap into my inner wisdom.  We have a lot of answers inside us and by being quiet and still, you can access your inner knowing and intuitions. There are many guided meditations online which focus on different issues such as letting go, anxiety, creating inner peace and calm and meeting your future self. We also have a lot of inner resources and strength to keep us going – we are generally stronger than we think we are.

You can also get lots of support from friends and family as well as external support such as hypnotherapy or other psychotherapies so make the most of the help that is available to you.

At Alexandra House, via the Spa and the Yorkshire Wellness Centre, we offer holistic therapies, mindfulness meditation courses and various integrative therapies. You can call us on 01484 303786 to discuss how we can help you.