Over these last few weeks, whilst we have been in lockdown, I have come across a number of people on social media saying they have had a “meltdown”. These people are crying and beginning to realise that it is actually okay to let these tears of sadness flow.

We are living in very strange times and one of the most valuable things this has done has been to force the majority of us into long periods of being with ourselves.

Nowadays most of us rush around at a million miles an hour not really stopping to pause and reflect, and connect with our true feelings and emotions. When we are constantly busy we are pushing away our ability to connect and really feel, this is a good way to avoid what is actually happening in our lives whether we are consciously aware of this or not.

We as a nation need to stop pushing away what we consider to be negative emotions, because we feel the need to be positive all the time and only wish to be seen as the happy cheerful person. We need to embrace all of our emotions and accept that we sometimes feel angry and that’s fine we can express this in a constructive way without any harm to ourselves or others. The more we hold onto or suppress an emotion, we become like a pressure cooker and eventually, something will trigger this and cause an explosion of whichever emotion we have been trying to avoid.

If there is only one thing that we can learn from being in this situation, I hope it is that we realise it is okay to really connect with all our feelings, to be kind ourselves to learn to love ourselves. Someone once said (sorry I can’t remember who) if we don’t first love ourselves we cannot love another.

#be kind to yourself

 #love yourself.

Mykela McAlpine, Senior Therapist