Our conscious brain is our thinking brain, our rational brain. The conscious mind involves all the things you are currently aware of and thinking about. It has a limited capacity (you cannot think of too many things at once).

The sub-conscious brain includes things that we may not be currently aware of, but that you can pull into your conscious mind at any time. The sub-conscious mind is a memory bank that stores everything that has ever happened to you.

Most of our behaviours are controlled by our sub-conscious brain which also stores our beliefs, many of which were programmed by parents, siblings, family etc when we were children.

It may interest you to learn that 95% of the time our sub-conscious brain is in control – playing out those (often negative) self-beliefs and programmed behaviours. How many times has something pressed your button and you’ve got angry or upset for no obvious reason?

The good news is that it is possible to re-programme the sub-conscious mind to enable you to think and behave differently.

So how can you do this? You can read self-help books and listen to inspirational speakers, but unless you re-programme your sub-conscious mind, often nothing changes, as we need to create new habits to change our behaviours and beliefs.  If you focus on the positive in your life and you use positive rather than negative thoughts, you can re-programme your thought patterns. Your sub-conscious brain will begin to implement a positive outlook and more positive thinking.

This can be achieved through hypnosis, mindfulness and repetition. We offer hypnotherapy and mindfulness at the Spa through the Yorkshire Wellness Centre. Click here for details.

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