Being told we cannot go places and do things, meet loved ones and friends is hard. For those of you who love coming to the Spa to de-stress and find me-time, having this taken away from you means you cannot go to your favourite place to find the calm and quiet. So maybe try a virtual experience at home.

You will need to find a time when you can relax in a quiet place, maybe darken the room, burn a scented candle or have a diffuser on using the lovely blends of oils from Eve Taylor, play relaxing, calming music. Once relaxed in you prepared space it is time to go on your journey to Alexandra House Spa.

Imagine you have arrived at the beginning of the path, the sun is shining, the garden looks amazing. Breathe in the scent from the blossom and flowers as you walk up the path. A slight breeze plays a tune on the windchimes. Your favourite calm and relaxing Spa awaits you.

As you open the door and enter reception, you are welcomed by the relaxing smells of incense, calming music and a lovely smile from the reception team. Your time at the Spa is explained to you giving you reassurance that all is in hand. You change into the soft white slippers and are guided to the Retail Therapy Room to await the next stage of your relaxing experience.

A Spa Host takes you upstairs to the changing rooms so you can change into a soft white robe and make your way to the relaxation room, pick your favourite place to sit and relax. Place your feet in the warm scented footbath and enjoy your chosen drink.

From here the experience is personal to you. If treatments are your thing, imagine being in a treatment room with one of our lovely therapists having your favourite treatment. Or if the Thermal Rooms are for you, imagine relaxing in one of the stunning heat rooms letting the warmth relax you even more.

After your personal experience a therapist will guide you to another relaxation room to have your luxury paraffin wax hand treatment. Relax on one of the loungers allowing the wax to do its magic on your hands. A Spa Host will now remove the wax and take your order for a delicious cake and drink. This is something you could actually enjoy at home, having prepared the treat in advance and placed beside you before your virtual experience. Enjoy.

At the Spa, we cannot wait to welcome you back so you can enjoy the real thing but hoe the virtual experience gives you a tool to relax.

Tracey Toothill, Spa Admin Assistant and Receptionist