Reiki is an energy based natural healing therapy that can help to release blocked emotions, help your body to heal more quickly after surgery or illness and help to re-balance the energy flowing throughout your body.

Many people are skeptical about reiki as it seems bizarre that just holding your hands over someone’s body can make their pain ease, make their mind become so calm that they feel transported to another world, release pent up emotions and/or give them the ability to cope better with everyday life.

Yet, when you consider that we are mostly made up of pulsating energy (which sometimes gets blocked or out of balance) and not the hard solid body that we feel, then it isn’t surprising that a treatment like reiki can have such dramatic effects.

Yes, that’s right, we are mainly made up of energy – and space. When our bodies are in balance, the energy flows harmoniously. But when we are not healthy (emotionally or physically), the energy doesn’t flow freely and can get blocked. Or we pick up negative energy from people and it gets stuck in our body. Our thoughts are also forms of energy and too many negative thoughts can reduce the vibrations within our mind and body.

A reiki treatment helps activate the natural healing powers within our body. It helps at a physical and emotional level. It’s a totally natural therapy and any side-effects are thankfully positive!

We offer reiki at the spa – it’s a 55-minute treatment and is £58. Come and see how it can help you and your life.

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