Our bodies are naturally designed to create balance (known as homeostasis in biology). Our body regulates our temperature, blood sugar levels, levels of carbon dioxide etc. The nervous system and our hormones are responsible for maintaining the balance.

However, sometimes we put ourselves under too much pressure and our nervous system struggles to maintain a constant internal environment. When our bodies are out of balance, this can lead to ill-health and dis-ease.

Todays’ hectic lifestyles and constant connection to technology make it difficult to switch off and create some inner peace. If you feel that your mind or body are too stressed or you feel anxious or worried a lot, then it is important to create more balance in your life to allow your body to naturally relax.  

Find time for some quiet time – a walk in the park, some yoga or gentle stretching, some meditation, a massage, some reiki or reflexology or just a cuppa in the garden. Doing this regularly will help maintain a healthier mind and body and will help you to cope with everyday life better. We offer 6 for 5 on our treatments at the Spa which is a great way to schedule some regular time out and relaxation – if you book the same treatment 6 times within a 6-month period, you pay for the first 5 as you go and the 6th treatment is free – bonus!

At Alexandra House, via the Spa and the Yorkshire Wellness Centre, we offer a range of holistic therapies, mindfulness meditation courses and various integrative therapies to help calm your mind and body.