Tepidarium with salt brick wall

The Tepidarium was the warm (tepidus) bathing area of the Roman baths, heated by a clever underfloor heating system. The specialty of a Tepidarium is the pleasant feeling of constant radiant heat from the floor and seating which directly affects the body, relaxing the body and encouraging a feeling of wellbeing. The Tepidarium at Alexandra House has long reclining benches to relax on, bringing warmth to your muscles and joints. The heat will also rejuvenate your body, improve your circulation and breathing, and reduce stress. With no interruptions from the outside world, you can drift into a blissful state of relaxation.

Alexandra House Spa Thermal rooms, John Steel Photography

An added benefit of this room is our Himalayan salt brick wall which produces a negative-ion atmosphere and many health benefits. Negative ions are produced in nature at the beach, in forests and near waterfalls which contribute to the feeling of wellness when we spend time in these environments. Many of us are surrounded by electronic equipment which emits positive ions that are detrimental to our mental health and wellbeing. Unfortunately most of us spend more time next to computers, TVs and smart phones rather than the beach and waterfalls, so the positive ions predominate, affecting our health and wellbeing. Bacteria and allergens are also positive ions which can adversely affect our health.

When Himalayan salt bricks are heated by light, the salt crystals produce negative ions which neutralise any positive ions and help you feel better, more recharged, and revitalized. The illuminated salt wall also produces light waves that heal and soothe your body. With fewer positive ions surrounding your being, your mind and body will feel more at ease.

The health benefits of an illuminated salt brick wall include a reduction of headaches and migraines, an easing of arthritis, help with respiratory problems, improving sleep, reducing stress and improving your skin.

Alexandra House Spa Thermal rooms, John Steel Photography

Relax tired, aching muscles in our soothing Tepidarium.

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